Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum

To kick start our year the children will learn about our local area focussing on land use. In our second topic we will learn about the settlement of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in Britain. In Spring 1 we learn about Andalucia in Spain and compare this to our local area.  Our second topic in the spring term is all about the Ancient Civilisations and their achievements. Our first topic in the summer is Rivers when we will learn about local, national and international rivers. Our final topic of the year is Ancient Egyptians during which we will learn in depth about this ancient civilisations and make comparisons to the ancient civilisations studied earlier in the year.

Lower KS2 English Curriculum

Our English curriculum is text driven. Each term there is a core text which is the stimulus for the reading and writing learning journeys. Throughout the year the children will write for a range of audiences and purposes and apply their developing skills. Children are taught spelling using the No Nonsense Spelling programme. We encourage reading for pleasure and there is a class story time at the end of every day.

Lower KS2 Maths Curriculum

During Year 3 and Year the children continue to develop their mathematical knowledge to ensure they are increasingly confident with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value. This should ensure that pupils develop efficient written and mental

methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers. Children are taught these operations using concrete objects, pictorially and mental and written methods. They will develop their knowledge of the number system by solving a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimal place value.  They will deepen their knowledge of shapes and ensure they can use measuring instruments with accuracy.  As children enter Year 3 they will focus first on learning the 3, 4 and 8 times. By the end of Year 4 they will be expected to know all their times tables up to 12.  

For further details of our Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum see our curriculum documents below: