Burnham Copse believes strongly in rewarding children. Below is a breakdown of our rewards system.



These are given for work just above what you would expect from a child as well as when they demonstrate using their Believe, Care, Persevere and Succeed skills. When a child completes a page of their star chart then a Bronze Head Teacher Award is awarded in class by their teacher.  When a child completes their whole star chart, they are sent to the Head Teacher for a Gold Head Teacher Award. They are also given a BIRDIE to put up on the Eyrie display in the corridor. Each week the Eyrie captains add up their points and the winning Eyrie is announced in Sharing Assembly. 

Head Teacher Awards

Bronze and Silver Head Teacher Awards are given out by the teacher in class. These are given for truly excellent work and learning behaviour, above and beyond what would be expected for that child. Gold awards are given out by Head Teacher. This is to be for exceptional work and learning behaviour, and the children will be allowed to stand up in sharing assembly. If a Gold Head Teacher’s Award has been given, then the children can go and collect them 5 minutes before the end of the session.


Marbles are awarded to the whole class for demonstrating good learning behaviour and our Amazing 8 skills. Each week, in Sharing Assembly, the class in FS/KS1 and one in KS2, with the most marbles, are rewarded with Bernie, our school bear. The class with the highest weekly attendance earns an extra 20 marbles which often pushes the class to win Bernie as a result.

Cool Wall

Y6 have points instead of stars – These points go towards the “Cool Wall”, which is announced in Sharing Assembly every Friday. Y6 children earn points when in class and on duty. Any teacher can also award a Y6 children for showing good sportsmanship, work attitude, citizenship, manners, leadership, initiative and presentation.

Learner of the Weeks Certificates

Each class teacher awards certificates for Believe, Care, Persevere and Succeed to a member of their class who has demonstrated our values in that week. These certificates are awarded in Sharing Assemblies.