Tile Barn - Years 5 & 6


During the summer term of year 5/6, your child will have the opportunity to visit Tile Barn outdoor centre for a 3 day residential trip. 

Located in the picturesque New Forest, the children enjoy staying in the sustainable and environmentally friendly camping pod village. Tile Barn provides a diverse range of adventurous activities for the children to try such as climbing, abseiling, shelter building, low rope obstacle courses, orienteering and much more. Children encourage each other to push themselves further, and the sense of accomplishment is evident every day.

Taking part in this residential gives the children an opportunity to ‘step-up’ to the next level by trying challenging activities while developing their teamwork and communication skills. The children get the chance to use all of their Amazing 8 skills when living alongside their peers and their teachers, for three days and two nights.

In the evening children and adults enjoy excellent home-cooked meals followed by some fun evening activities. A particular favourite is our ‘Pods Got Talent’ show where the children get to show off any special talents they might have.

When they return children and staff return to school feeling thoroughly fulfilled, and already looking forward to next year!


Ufton Court - Years 3 & 4

The Year 3 and 4 team Venture to a marvelous Tudor house not far from our school called Ufton Court, and spend four days and three nights taking part in exciting and stimulating pursuits. Our children thoroughly enjoy exploring the Tudor mansion before the important task of making their own beds for the week.

Children get to use the incredible facilities available at Ufton Court to develop their History, science and social skills. 

Children can re-enact a Tudor Raid, learn Archery, orienteering to name only a few of the wonderful activities that take place.

In other areas, the children wear blindfolds to be carefully led through a forest track by a partner and building shelter as a team before testing their ability to keep water out.  This gets incredibly fun!!

There is no better way to finish the week off than with a medieval banquet of around the world fiesta.  It is the icing on the cake after a jammed packed adventurous week for the children, who could barely keep their eyes open for the coach journey home. 

Another incredibly successful set of residential trips, that were able to draw out all of the Amazing 8 super powers from the children, giving them the opportunity to shine outside the classroom.