Welcome To Our School

Burnham Copse

Our school is a place which revolves around the needs of the children, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural. If all of our children are to achieve their full potential, we, as the responsible adults, need to nurture and encourage the development of trust, respect, confidence, self-esteem and the desire to learn.

All children have a right to expect to achieve a good level of basic skills to enable them to access into the world. The pace of change in our lives is so great that we do not know what they will need in their new lives beyond good social skills, good basic skills, an ability to think for themselves and a love of learning.

We encourage children to think for themselves and make decisions in a variety of contexts throughout their schooling. Active teaching of the different types of thinking is part of the taught curriculum. Alongside this, we teach skills of evaluation, reflection and analysis.

We aim for children to be excited by a curriculum that is well designed to suit their needs, interests and aptitudes. We set activities that are relevant, meaningful and pitched at a level that builds confidence and challenge at all times for all children.
As part of the planned curriculum, we give children opportunities for independent research and investigation. This includes compilation and presentation of their work to a variety of audiences.

Our school ethos revolves around high expectations for everyone to achieve their best at all times and in all things. As part of this motivational training, we have firmly embedded systems for positive rewards that are accessible to all children and based on this “notion of best.”