At the end of every half term, each class teacher nominates two children who have worked exceptionally hard to receive an award. The recipients can be found here for every half term, after the certificates have been awarded


Congratulations to all the children for their hard work. 


Foundation Stage 2022-2023

Robin Class

Autumn 1: Aria and Callum

Autumn 2: Montanna and Vinnie

Spring 1: Kassie and Summer

Spring 2: Luna Rose and Darcy

Summer 1: Esme and Millie

Nuthatch Class

Autumn 1: Belle and Aurora

Autumn 2: Elena and Lennie

Spring 1: Emilia and Lennie

Spring 2: Sophie and Brody

Summer 1: Harper and Alfie


Key Stage One 2022-2023

Wren Class

Autumn 1: Tobias and Alivia

Autumn 2: 

Spring 1: 

Spring 2: 

Summer 1: 

Wagtail Class

Autumn 1: Oliver and Kaleb

Autumn 2: Anja and Esther

Spring 1: Ella and Tia

Spring 2: Maya and Phoebe

Summer 1: Harley and Freddie

Woodpecker Class

Autumn 1: Joey-Lee and Jacob

Autumn 2: Amelia and Maddy

Spring 1: Mia and Adrian

Spring 2: Kesaia  and Ellis

Summer 1: Harry and Georgina 


Lower Key Stage Two 2022-2023

Siskin Class:

Autumn 1: Skye and Riley

Autumn 2: Darcy-Grace and Aoibhinn

Spring 1: Freya and Charlie

Spring 2: Evie and Eddie

Summer 1: Florien and Macey

Swallow Class

Autumn 1: Dean and Evie

Autumn 2:  Isabelle and Ella

Spring 1: Brandon and Luke

Spring 2: Tilly and Isla

Summer 1: Poppy and Ronan

Swift Class

Autumn 1: Alex and Amelia

Autumn 2: Evie and Freddie

Spring 1: Alfie and Lauren

Spring 2: Harriet and Lucy

Summer 1: Summer and John-Paul

Upper Key Stage Two 2022-2023

Magpie Class

Autumn 1: 

Autumn 2: 

Spring 1: 

Spring 2: 

Summer 1: 

Goldfinch Class

Autumn 1: 

Autumn 2: 

Spring 1: 

Spring 2: 

Summer 1: 

Lark Class 

Autumn 1: Oakley and Niko

Autumn 2: Faith and Maddison

Spring 1: Amelia and Sydney

Spring 2: Maia and Emily

Summer 1: Jonah and Toby