Annual Reports

Having sent out the annual reports, we offer parents the opportunity to comment on them and return them to school. We value these comments and publish them on our website.

Parent Comments

“We would like to say a massive thank you to the class teacher and the helpers that have worked with our child and helped her during her time in year 1. Our child has come along so well, we are so grateful, she will miss this teacher next year.”

“A very pleasing report. Our child really enjoys school so thank you to her teacher and helpers for making the environment of school so enjoyable.”

“Every year it is refreshing to see an open and honest account of our child. This is a true credit to the school of the hard work and understanding of the children that goes on behind the scenes.”

“We are glad to see our child is doing well and enjoying school. We will continue to support her with her work and help build her confidence where needed.”


“Thank you so much for a well detailed and informative report. We are so very proud of our child and what they have achieved during their first year at Burnham Copse. Thank you again for your continued dedication and making BCPS a wonderful school.”

“I am pleased with how in depth and personalised this report is. It clearly explains to me the subjects studied as well as her abilities and preferences in each. It is obvious to me that this specific report was created for my child alone. I appreciate how much time and effort went into preparing this. It was informative and personal and gave me a clean picture of my daughters’ first year at Burnham Copse.”

“Thank you so much. It has been lovely to read my child’s report and discover that it reflects his character, showing that the child we have at home feels comfortable to be completely himself at school.”

“A very pleasing report. Thank you for all the help and support you have given my child at Burnham Copse.”

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