Annual Reports

Having sent out the annual reports, we offer parents the opportunity to comment on them and return them to school. We value these comments and publish them on our website.

"We would like to say a massive thank you to the class teacher and the helpers that have worked with our child and helped her during her time in year 1. Our child has come along so well, we are so grateful, she will miss this teacher next year."

"A very pleasing report. Our child really enjoys school so thank you to her teacher and helpers for making the environment of school so enjoyable."

"Every year it is refreshing to see an open and honest account of our child. This is a true credit to the school of the hard work and understanding of the children that goes on behind the scenes."

"We are glad to see our child is doing well and enjoying school. We will continue to support her with her work and help build her confidence where needed."

"Very impressive report. Keep up the good work."

"We are very pleased with our child's progress this year. Hopefully she will continue the good work next year."

"Thank you so much for a well detailed and informative report. We are so very proud of our child and what they have achieved during their first year at Burnham Copse. Thank you again for your continued dedication and making BCPS a wonderful school."

"Our child has really enjoyed her time in year R. We are very pleased with her progress, we have taken on board the mathematical development. She has made excellent progress, credit to the teachers."

"Thank you so much for our child's report, we can't believe the extent of the detail and the length of the report - so much work for you - we really appreciate it. It's reassuring to know our child is doing well and trying the areas he struggles with."

"We are really happy how our child has ot on at school and see lots of improvements in his learning skills. He is always happy to go to school and looks forward to Judo Thursdays! As parents we would like to thank you for putting such a lot of effort into events such as the Royal Wedding and Sports Day - My whole family commented on how well managed the school is, (even my 85 year old). BCPS is definately living up to its reputation and we are grateful our child is there."

"Thank you so much for all your hardwork in putting this report together - it must be an enormously long job for you but it's wonderful to read all about our child and how she's getting on and w're very grateful. Emily has thoroughly enjoyed this first year at school and that is due largely to the huge talent and care of the teachers. You're all fabulous and we hope you have some idea of what a brilliant job you all do."

"My child's report was very pleasing. Glad to read his attitude has improved, think this year he has made some good progress with his school work."

"We are very pleased with our child's report and hope that he keeps up the good work next year. Thank you to everyone who took part in teaching him in year four."

"I am pleased with my child's report. She seems to be average throughout and I am pleased that she always works hard and tries her best. She is always happy to come to school."

"A good report. Thanks to all who have helped him this year"

"A good report. I will encourage him to take the comments on board. Thank you teachers and Mrs Downes for teaching him."

"Both of us would like to say a big thank you for a very pleasing report. Our child has enjoyed his time at Burnham Copse and the teachers and head have always been very approachable and happy to discuss any issues that have arisen."

"We are pleased and very happy with the performance of our child during this school year. We wish to thank all staff for their contribution."

"Thank you for a very pleasing report. It is good to see that despite his perception of his ability in literacy, he is at a good level. This report has had a very good effect on him (for the present at least,) It has boosted his confidence tremendously to see his teachers' assessment of his ability in print, and that the levels given exceed his self-assessment."

"It is clear from reading my son's report that you have got to know him incredibly well over this year. He has settled well into your class and I am delighted he will remain with you for another year. You have brought out the best in him and he obviously adores being in your class. I am very pleased with his progress this year and am confident that he will continue to thrive under your care. Thank you for all you have done for him this year."

"A glowing report. Couldn't be more pleased!"

"I am pleased with how in depth and personalised this report is. It clearly explains to me the subjects studied as well as her abilities and preferences in each. It is obvious to me that this specific report was created for my child alone. I appreciate how much time and effort went into preparing this. It was informative and personal and gave me a clean picture of my daughters' first year at Burnham Copse."

"We are very pleased with our child's report. He has achieved so much in his first year at school, we couldn't be prouder."

"A very pleasing first report. Her report reflects her personality perfectly."

"Thank you so much. It has been lovely to read my child's report and discover that it reflects his character, showing that the child we have at home feels comfortable to be completely himself at school."

"We are very pleased with our child's school report and the feedback you have given. My child has enjoyed being in your class this year and is looking forward to being in the same class again next year." 

"A very pleasing report. Thank you for all the help and support you have given my child at Burnham Copse."

"My child has brought home another excellent report and we are very proud of him. He has come a long way over the two years that you have taught him. He has gained in confidence and believes that he can reach for the moon and the stars - if he wants to. A big thank you to all."

"We are very pleased with our child's report this year. She seems to be progressing well. Thanks to the class teacher for her support."

"A great report again for my child. Comparing last years to this years her progress again is fantastic. She does struggle with spellings - unfortunately she gets that from myself, but together we will get there. My child was very pleased with her report and it has given her a big confidence boost. Thank you class teacher for all your hard work this year with my child, she will miss not being in your class next year." 

 "What can i say but 'wow'!An amazing report and we are extremely proud of our child. All credit to him and his fantastic teacher. Our child has adored having you as his teacher for the last 2 years and your have clearly brought out the best in him. Thank you for everything."

"We are obviously very pleased with our child's excellent report and would like to thank his teacher and LSA for all their effort and hard work. My child has really enjoyed his year in your class."

"We are really pleased with our child's report again this year. I am pleased to see she is doing well in ICT as we don't have a computer at home for her to practice on. I am hoping when we get one she can show me how to use it! I know that my child has liked having her teacher this year and will miss her next year."

"A very pleasing report to read. We are delighted and happy. Our child has done well this year and with her additional problems it is a wonderful achievement. The targets specified to continue to build on this achievement are sound. The class teachers and teaching staff have worked hard and focused their support effort very well. Thanks to all and the school. We look forward to our child moving into the next year group. Our child is also very happy with her achievement."

"This is a fantastic report and we are both very pleased. Thanks very much for all the hard work you have put in over the years to give her a good foundation for senior school. Pleased also with her flute report."

"Thanks to all at Burnham Copse school for helping my child enjoy her time with you and to reach such a high standard in education. She is set up to enjoy secondary school."

"We are very pleased with our child's report and proud of his achievements this year. He is happy and well adjusted to his 'new' school. Thank you to all the staff who have been involved. He is looking forward to working with his teacher again and we are pleased that he is in that class, and will be supported by the same LSA."

"We are very pleased with Gemma's progress and we feel that she has achieved a great deal during her time at Burnham Copse. This has been due to her putting in the effort needed, but also to the great support she has received from a good team of teachers and other staff who always gave her the encouragement needed over the years."

"We are very pleased with our child's report, she is obviously doing very well, for which we are very proud. our child seems to have come a long way since their last report and we hope her learning continues in this manner. It's very nice to read lovely things said about our child and that these things are noticed. A very good report. Time for our child to choose a treat I think!"

"I was surprised but very pleased with how detailed the reports are. It is good to know what they are learning during class and how well they are doing and to know ways in which we can help them progress. We have been very pleased with our child's first year at school; he has progressed a lot and hopefully we can work together to help him improve his weaker areas."

"Both my wife and I are very pleased with the progress our child is making at school. We can both appreciate thet the class teacher has a difficult task teaching so many children, however the progress which our child has made can only be reflected on the time and effort that the teaching staff apply to the children."

"A very pleasing report. We are very pleased with the progress our child has made this year and appreciate all the support he has received. Thank you."

"We are pleased with this report. Our child seems to be at the right level and in some cases above. He has enjoyed this year and I can see improvements in both his reading and writing as well as his willingness to complete homework."