Year 5 & 6

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2016 Autumn Term - Ancient Greece

In Year 5 and 6 this half term, our topic will take us to Ancient Greece, where we will study life in ancient times, learn about the Greek city states and explore their lasting impact on our life and society today.

In Maths we will be starting off by looking at shapes and the vocabulary that goes with these, before moving onto place value in large numbers. We will then look at addition and subtraction methods, before moving onto multiplication and division.

For our English we will start by looking at Greek myths, exploring the themes of pride and heroism, before writing our own tales. We will move onto look at non-fiction texts about Ancient Greece, before joining with the rest of the school to look at the far more modern myths that are The Chronicles of Narnia.


2017 Spring Term - Evolution and Inheritance

Our topic for the first part of Spring Term was ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. Across our English lessons we undertook a depth study of the novel ‘The Eye of the Wolf’. The book tells the story of a boy and a wolf, who both go on exceptional journeys, through vastly different landscapes, before a chance encounter brings them together. The children very much enjoyed the tale, with its extensive use of figurative language and ideas.

This in turn fed into our writing, with the children working on their own descriptive narratives, which took some of the peripheral characters of the story and explored what they were doing.

We further explored the animal kingdom, through our exploration of the theory of evolution and inheritance. We looked at the origins of the theory and explored in depth how this works. To support our learning we visited Marwell Zoological Park’s Education Centre, where we were able to explore the topic through real world artefacts and exploration.

Linking to this we also explored the art of Charles Darwin, whose pencil sketches were an integral part of his scientific studies. We took on the challenge of developing our own sketching techniques to draw detailed images of animals.

In the second half of Spring term we moved onto the topic of Light. Through real world observations we explored what light is and how it allows us to see. We looked at how light travels and reflects, illuminating the world around us.

Through the topic we also spent time reading and writing our own poetry that explores the concept of light.



2017 Summer Term 1 - Rainforests

Our Summer term topics started with ‘The Rainforest’. We initially started looking at the locations of rainforests across the world, using this as a chance to look in depth at the globe. The children learnt how to identify the different hemispheres and where the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn lie. The children also learnt how to use longitude and latitude to locate places on Earth.

This knowledge was then combined with knowledge of the types of climates around the world to identify the locations of rainforests. From this we looked at the rainforests themselves and how they sustain life and why they are the most important environments on Earth.

Closer to home, the children explored how they could potentially impact their own environment, designing posters to encourage others to do their bit.

2017 Summer 2 - Earth and Space  

In the final term of the year we have been exploring Earth and Space. This has led us to look in depth at our solar system and its scale. The children have then been looking at some of the planets in more detail.

In particular we have been focused on Mars. We have looked at what a colony on Mars may look like and the children have written persuasive texts to persuade people to become Mars colonists. This has then led into writing Choose Your Own Adventure stories, set after a disaster at the colony.

Our annual visit to Marwell Residential Centre is also upcoming and we look forward to the adventure to come.