Year 1 & 2

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2016 Autumn Term First Half - Houses and Homes

This half term Year 1 and 2 will be learning about houses and homes. We will begin the topic by taking the children on a walk around Tadley to look at the features of our local area and to discuss what changes may have occurred over recent years. In English we will be familiarising ourselves with traditional tales and writing our own version of The Three Little Pigs. We will writing our own poems based on our favourite Julia Donaldson books. In Maths this term Year 1s will be increasing their knowledge and understanding of place value. The Year 2s are going to be comparing and ordering numbers up to 100 and focusing on the addition and subtraction calculations. In Science we will be exploring the properties of different materials in order to find the most suitable materials to ‘build’ a house. Towards the end of this half term Key Stage One will be comparing how different faiths celebrate harvest. The artist we will be studying this half term is J.S. Lowry. We have been given an exciting opportunity to host an art exhibition in our school hall! Each child will produce a piece of art work inspired by J.S. Lowry which will be framed and displayed at the exhibition. To further enrich our music programme, we have arranged for the Hampshire Music Service to teach a weekly Ukulele music lesson. We look forward to a fun and engaging half term.

2017 Spring Term First Half -  Wonderful World

In Spring One Year 1 and 2 will be learning about our ‘Wonderful World’. We will begin the topic by evaluating the ingredients used in Indian cooking and using these to make samosas. In Maths the Year 1 chidlren will be adding and subtracting numbers up to 20 and the Year 2 children will be adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers in the context of measure. In English we will be familiarising ourselves with Elmer Stories by the author David McKee and writing our own Elmer Stories. We will also be creating our own fact page about elephants. In Science we will be learning about animals and how a habitat provides the needs of an animal. We will also be investigating the habitats in our school grounds and making our own bug hotels. In Geography we will be comparing Tadley to a village in India and learning to locate and name the continents and oceans of the world. Hampshire Music Service will be providing us with the opportunity every week to use and learn about our voice. Every child will also be setting their own goal to achieve by the end of this academic year in PHSE.  

2017 Spring Term Second Half - Green Fingers 

During this topic we will be learning about plants and gardens.

In literacy we will be learning about different writing genres including looking at spring time poems, instruction writing and diary entries. Our writing will have a strong cross curricular link to our Science this half term with a focus on non-fiction writing.

In Maths we will be applying our addition and subtraction skills by looking at the rate of growth in plants as well as other problem solving activities. We will be practising key measuring skills, including measuring the height of plants, measuring out amounts of water and observing the temperature in the environment.

In science we will be looking at plants. We will identify what plants need to live and grow and observe what happens when the conditions are changed.

In art we will be looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We will use various materials to create our own collage inspired by his work.

In Design Technology we will be making our own seed packets. We will be making our own nets to make the packets, and applying our literacy skills to write a set of instructions to plant seeds.

In Geography we will look at landscapes from around the world and visit Hillier Gardens to identify human and physical features of different landscapes. We will also be using our directional language to guide others on a map.

In R.E. we will be learning about the Christian celebration of Easter and making an Easter Garden.